Compare Delivery Insurance

  • In this digital age, one of the most important aspects of life is delivery services. Delivery services offer convenience. You can shop or order food from the comfort of your home and have it delivered to you in minutes.
  • Every delivery vehicle needs to have insurance.
  • If you work in the delivery service industry, and you carry out your tasks with a vehicle, it is important that you check out the prices of delivery van insurance.

How We Work

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Types of Delivery Insurance You Can Buy:

Haulage Insurance

  • Haulage insurance has different meanings in different insurance companies.
  • However, it is generally accepted that haulage involves long distance travel for deliveries.
  • If this is the delivery business you are in, then, haulage insurance is the type of insurance that you need for your vehicle.
  • Before you buy this insurance, compare prices from the hundreds of companies that offer haulage insurance to delivery business service providers. A comparison will help you to get the best price you can pay for the best cover on your vehicle and items you deliver.

Courier Insurance

  • The other type of delivery insurance you can buy is courier insurance.
  • Courier business involves dropping off deliveries door-to-door or in many places.
  • If this is the delivery business you are in, look for a courier insurance or any product that covers your vehicle and products you deliver.
  • Courier and haulage insurance are different covers. They have different specifications for the different vehicles and products that they cover. Each of these delivery insurance products cover different risks.
  • Before you buy your courier insurance, compare the prices of available courier insurance products to get the best price for your delivery business.

Goods in Transit Insurance

  • Whenever you are carrying goods for delivery, they should be insured.
  • Delivery drivers will often have their own insurance in addition to the goods in transit insurance.
  • Make sure that you have adequate and proper insurance cover for everything that you are delivering.
  • Compare quotes from different companies for goods in transit insurance cover to get the best cover for your delivery business.

What Does Delivery Insurance Cover?

  • Depending on the delivery service or insurance cover you choose, different policy providers cover different things.
  • In case of breakdown, your insurance cover will ensure that you can get roadside help for recovery that is paid for by insurance provider. You have peace of mind knowing that you will get help if your car breaks down and your products will get to their destination.
  • The contents of your vehicle are also covered in delivery insurance. This covers your contents while on transit and when parked.
  • Your delivery insurance cover also helps you to cover the cost of hiring a van while yours is being repaired.


Delivery drivers need delivery insurance to move about with their contents. It is an important insurance cover for an important and convenient service. There are many delivery insurance policy providers. As such, it is important for insurance buyers to compare the available covers before they can buy the cover for themselves and their cars.