Convicted Driver Insurance

Convicted Driver Insurance

Convicted driver best prices

  • Convicted drivers abound. In addition to their tarnished record, convicted drivers find it difficult to buy motor insurance.
  • Insurance for convicted drivers is more expensive than normal insurance. Further, there are fewer insurance providers willing to offer it. Convicted drivers are seen as high-risk customers, hence the higher price and fewer providers.
  • However, it is possible for convicted drivers to get cost effective insurance covers for their vehicles when they are finally back on the road.
  • One can become a convicted driver for convictions such as drunk driving, driving without a license, speeding and other criminal convictions.

Convictions That Affect Driving Insurance Cover

  • There are certain driving convictions that affect the price at which you can buy your insurance.
  • When buying insurance as a convict, you need to declare that you have been previously convicted as is required by insurance claims.
  • Drunk driving, dangerous driving, and, drivers with penalty points on their license will find that they buy insurance expensively.
  • We are here to ensure that you find the cheapest insurance cover even if you have previously been convicted.

What You Need to Know About Convicted Driver Insurance:


Every time you are buying car insurance, you have to declare that you are a former convict. This will help the insurer to determine how much to charge to charge you, for your cover.

Declare All Unspent Convictions

  • If there are certain convictions that you haven’t served fully, you have to let your potential insurer that you have outstanding convictions.
  • There are many insurance providers who don’t provide insurance covers for convicted drivers.

Buy Insurance from A Specialized Provider

If you are looking for affordable convicted insurance, it is best if you checked with a specialized provider. They are much cheaper and most of them offer insurance to convicted drivers.

How to Minimize Cost When Buying Convicted Driver Insurance

If you are looking to get a cheap cover as a convicted driver, you must shop around. Find as many insurance companies that provide insurance for convicted drivers. Find one that offers the cheapest quote with favorable risks covered and buy.

Pay Annually

Paying for insurance at the beginning of the cover for the whole period of the cover helps you to save large amounts on your premium payment.

Driving Experience

  • If you are over 25 and have sufficient driving experience without convictions in a while, it is likely that you will get cheaper insurance cover.
  • More experienced driver with or without convictions often get discounts on the purchase of their insurance covers. Young drivers pay more for their insurance covers with many providers.

Drive Less

You can choose a limited mileage cover. This is a cheap insurance cover that you can get. When you don’t use your vehicle for a long time, you are not likely to get an accident and therefore are at lower risk and chances of making insurance claims.

Compare Convicted Driver Insurance

There are several companies that offer convicted driver insurance. Compare price quotes easily and quickly by using our comparison service. Save money and get a suitable cover for your vehicle.