Motor Fleet Insurance

Motor Fleet Insurance

  • If you have a fleet of cars, the motor fleet insurance cover is the best option for you.
  • For insurance purposes, two and more cars are considered a fleet. They could be household vehicles, taxis, business vehicles, motorbikes or vans used by companies, homes or individuals.
  • The fleet insurance cover removes the hurdle of having to buy insurance for each of your vehicles.
  • With this cover, you can have all your vehicles insured under a single cover.
  • The motor fleet insurance cover is convenient, saves money and allows anyone who has a valid driving license and allowed by insurance providers to drive, to hop into any available vehicle and drive.

Why Choose Motor Fleet Insurance Cover:

Use a Single Cover for All Your Vehicles

  • You don’t have to buy insurance for each of your vehicles. This is an expensive endeavor.
  • With a motor fleet insurance cover, you save on the costs of buying insurance for each of your car. You only pay once for all your vehicles.
  • This removes the headache of managing multiple insurance covers. You don’t have to remember when every vehicle’s cover needs renewing.


Buying a fleet insurance cover for all your cars is much cheaper than having to buy a single cover for every vehicle.

Doesn’t Need You to Have No-Claims

  • Unlike other covers, the motor fleet cover doesn’t rely on your claims history to earn you a discount.
  • It analyzes your cost of claims over a specific period. The lower your total of claims, the lower your premiums paid.

Any Driver Can Drive Your Vehicles

Anyone allowed by your insurance provider to drive can drive your fleet vehicles. This makes it easy to hire drivers for your company’s vehicles. For household or car hire vehicles, you can have anyone drive your cars as long as they have the necessary insurance cover.

You can Combine Insurance Covers

Depending on why you have a fleet of vehicles, you can get an insurance quote for a combined cover. This means that you can take out a motor vehicle cover that is combined with a goods in transit cover, employer’s liability, own goods coverage and even public liability.

This helps lower the cost of your insurance expense.

Multiple Cars Cover

The motor fleet insurance cover, covers different types of cars including motorbikes and HGVs. Thus, you don’t have to worry about buying different types of vehicles to meet all your business or personal needs.

Private Use Vehicles

Motor fleet insurance may also cover cars in your fleet that are for your employee’s personal use. This may lead to an extra cost on your cover, but it is cheaper and better in the long run.

Compare Your Motor Fleet Insurance Cover

There are numerous providers of the motor fleet insurance cover. They all charge differently and have different risks and benefits for their service.

As such, it is important that you compare the available motor fleet insurance quotes to buy the best insurance cover for your needs. The cheapest and most comprehensive on your insurance needs.