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Price Point Compare

We all need insurance in different aspects of our lives.

It helps make life better when we are faced with sudden expenses, and in other cases, we have it to comply with the law.

Insurance is not only a personal need- businesses need it too. It helps businesses to protect themselves from the effects of an unexpected loss of assets such as in an accident or theft.

There are many insurance providers in the insurance market. All selling the same product.

As with all markets, different sellers have different prices for the same product.

When you are a buyer, you can acquire a high quality product affordably. Unfortunately,most times, we don’t have all the information on which company’s product is more affordable and offers value for our money and satisfies your needs.

At Price Point Compare we are here to help you solve this problem. We provide you with an easy way to compare the price of insurance products you desire as offered by the many market players.

With our service, you can save money by getting the lowest price for every insurance product you can buy.

Why Compare Insurance Prices With Us?

Comparing insurance prices with us is simple and fast.

Get the lowest price insurance cover in four easy steps.

  • Log in to our website
  • Choose the category of insurance that you want to buy
  • Enter your personal details
  • Press compare.

We will search through all the hundreds of insurance companies to get one that is affordable and provides good value for money.

We will display three of the lowest insurance prices available for you to choose from. Making sure that you save money and get the best value for your insurance cover.

We will help you get the most affordable type of insurance that you want to buy.

We help you get the best deal in the car, home, van, travel, delivery, pet and other insurance categories.

We work with trusted insurance providers and brokers to deliver to you the best product affordably.

When you use Price Point Compare you can be sure to get the most affordable insurance cover for any category you wish for.

If your regular provider offers you a deal that is too hard on your pocket, you are welcome to use our platform and get an insurance cover affordably.

The price of car, van and delivery insurance covers is determined by a lot of factors. Different insurance will charge you more or less depending on your age, driving experience, previous insurance claims among other factors.

When making our comparison, we factor in all these conditions to help you arrive at the best insurance cover and insurance provider for your needs.

Let us help you save money on your next insurance cover renewal.

As an insurance cover comparison platform, we provide our service for free.

We help you connect with the most affordable insurance provider for all your insurance needs at no charge to you. Delivering convenience and lots of financial savings.

Because our service is free doesn’t mean that the quotes you receive are higher. On the contrary, you will get cheaper quotes from our platform than if you went directly to the insurance provider.

Frequently Asked Questions

We search through our database of insurance providers to get you the most affordable quote for your cover in the market.

We will then display it to you or send it to your email to pick the one you like.

We work with insurance providers to ease their insurance distribution.

If you buy one of our insurance cover recommendations through our platform, the insurance provider pays us a referral fee.

This, however, doesn’t translate to a higher price on the amount you pay. Rather, our comparison helps you to save money and helps the insurance provider get a new customer through us.


We work with all types of insurance providers. Select the type of insurance cover that you desire.

Provide us with your personal details and we will search for the most affordable provider for your required insurance product.

You can receive insurance quotes on car insurance, van, convicted driver, young or new driver insurance, health and home insurance, business premises insurance, goods in transit insurance and many other product quotes.

Save money for all your insurance purchases by comparing the available products through our platform.


We work directly with the insurance provider. As such the quote you receive from us is the actual price as per the insurance provider.

Our advantage is that, we work with hundreds of insurance providers to ease your bargain hunting process.

In markets like ours, as a customer, you never have the full information of prices in the industry.

This is the problem we helpyou solve.We access all insurance providers and present to you three most affordable quote options.

Any one of the quotes you choose is the most affordable in the market and you can buy it through our platform easily and conveniently.

Use Price Point Compare to receive the most affordable quote for all your insurance needs.

It is a quick and simple process that takes you a few minutes to receive the best value for a money insurance quote for your needs.

Compare a range of insurance categories from hundreds of insurance providers in the UK. This will help you make up your mind on the best provider to buy from.

Save money, save time and get the best cover you can get when you compare insurance cover prices with Price Point Compare.

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